Terms of Use

Terms of Use

You must enter the Iothook.com website or any of the Iothook.com websiteyour use of information you agree to the following terms and conditionsmeans. These are the rules of iothook.com. Belowiothook has been identified as a website.

Entering this website, the site or its information and otherViolation of contract, due to the use of data programs, etc.an unfair verb, or directly because of other reasons, that may arise directly orOak Informatics Software Mechatronics Education Import from any indirect damageExport Industry and Trade Limited Company is not responsible. Iothook,as a result of breach of contract, wrongful act, negligence or other reasons;any interruption of the transaction, error, negligence, any interruptiondoes not accept responsibility.

Iothook, any kind of service, product, site available in this site and its extensionThe conditions of use and the information provided on the site require a prior noticewithout the right to change, reorganize the site, stop broadcastingReserved. Changes take effect at the time of publication on the site.These changes are deemed to have been accepted by the use or login to the site.These conditions also apply to other linked web pages. Iothook,as a result of breach of contract, wrongful act, negligence or other reasons;interruption of the transaction, error, neglect, interruption, deletion, loss, of the transactionor delay of communication, computer virus, communication error, theft,Destruction, unauthorized entry, modification ordoes not accept any responsibility for its use.

This website is another Internet not under the control of Iothookunmay contain links or references to their sites. Iothook, these sitesis not responsible for their content or any other links they contain.

Iothook internet with the overall look and design of this websiteAll the information, pictures, Iothook brand and other brands on the site, www.Iothook.com domain name, logo, icon, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic orTechnical data, computer software, readable on the machine,all materials, including applied sales system, business method and business model(" Materials ") and their intellectual and industrial property rightsowner or licensee and is under legal protection. On the websiteNo Material found; code without prior permission and referenceand cannot be modified, copied, reproduced, including the software,can not be translated into another language, cannot be republished, to another computercannot be uploaded, mailed, forwarded, presented or distributed. Internetthe whole or part of the site without permission on another websitecannot be used. Unlike acts require legal and criminal liability.Iothook reserves all other rights not expressly granted herein.

Membership is required to trade on Iothook.com. Account from Iothook.comopeners and shoppers are for personal usethey accept that they are shopping and not for resale purposes.

Transfer or EFT orders processed date, order placednot the date, but the total amount of the order reached Iothook bank accountsis the date it appears. Given by wire transfer or EFT, but 1 weekOrders that are not paid in are canceled.

Iothook, at any time, update the content of this disclaimer pagereserves the authority.