Why IoThook?ΒΆ

  • IoThook is free,

  • IoThook is Open Source,

  • IoThook is fast (HTTP and MQTT),

  • You can create Unlimited Devices,

  • You can add Unlimited Sensors,

  • You can easily send data with all your devices. (HTTP Post, HTTP Get, MQTT Publish),

  • You can easily get data from all iot devices (HTTP Post, HTTP Get, MQTT Subscribe),

  • You can monitor your data in real time,

  • You can create real-time graphs for your data,

IoThook is an internet-connected object that seamlessly transfers data between all your devices. It supports communication protocols that it can easily reach.

It integrates with ChartJS to monitor data in real time.

IoThook allows you to write your own Python scripts with fx function support. (Beta)