HTTP and MQTT IoT Platform

Access the Internet of Things with IoThook. You can use it in your STM32, ESP32, ESP8266 and Arduino projects.

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Create Device

There are 8 fields for data coming from the device. Determine sensor types for your device, get data, create graphics.

HTTP Get Data

It can send your IoT device's data via HTTP RESTfull API with fast and secure connection. You can try it now with a Demo account.

MQTT Get Data

With your IoT device, you can send your data to MQTT Broker and receive messages. You can try it now with a Demo account.

IoThook Industrial IoT Solutions

Collect important data with IoThook Panel. Simplify IT for industrial networks. Explore our latest products and solutions to support innovation and see how they bring security and scale to your industrial networks in a simple way.

Hobby and professional application with HTTP and MQTT applications
Inventor, Student, Engineer, Software Developer and Electronic Developer
Real-time communication with HTTP and MQTT instant data stream

Remote Control

Monitor and manage all devices and sensors remotely. Graph your sensor data with Python Shell. Send sensor data privately to the cloud.

IoThook, IoT News

Software and electronic developments and auxiliary documents will be shared.


There are 4 account categories in IoThook. You can have an affordable IoT control panel with Free, Starter, Basic and Pro account options.



3 HTTP Device

3 MQTT Device

6 Sensor

1MB Data Points

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7 HTTP Device

7 MQTT Device

14 Sensor

10MB Data Points

Community support

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9 HTTP Device

9 MQTT Device

18 Sensor

20MB Data Points

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20 HTTP Device

20 MQTT Device

40 Sensor

1000MB Data Points

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